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Mobile Automation Framework for an AI Based Mobile Health Care App


Ascentic QA Automation Team successfully designed an automation framework for an AI based mobile application. The application supports health care professionals to identify skin cancers.

The automation framework was developed using java TestNG test framework along with the use of Cucumber for Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) approach. Appium was used as the tool for automating the native mobile app and this is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Design patterns like Page Factory was used to improve maintainability and the reusability of the implementation while Apache Maven was used as the build tool.

Feeding camera images through test automation into the application was a challenge as this required the use of real devices. The Quality Engineering team was able to overcome this challenge with the use of BrowserStack (a cloud-based hosting partner for real mobile devices) and integrated Camera Image Injection in the Appium session to feed images into the application. 

The automated testing provided the team with faster feedback cycles which helped to reduce the delivery bottlenecks. As a result, customers were able to achieve faster production deliveries with a higher quality and reliability. 

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