Ascentic is very proud to share that one of our long standing customers, Cuviva AB, recently received the European Union Medical Device Regulation certification.

The new European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR) specifies requirements for medical devices that are used in the EU, and Cuviva is one of the first platforms to be certified for Remote Patient Monitoring and Hospital at Home.  

According to Henrik Cederqvist, CEO and Co-founder of Cuviva, “It shows that the Cuviva platform has been externally reviewed and approved as medical device software. The certification will also open up cooperation with Pharma and MedTech Companies. Cuviva is at the forefront in the digitalization of healthcare with a  focus on those with the greatest need”  

With an aging population, there is a great need to move healthcare from the healthcare facilities into the patients’ homes. Patients experience both a greater sense of security and a closer connection to their healthcare provider through the combination of digital interactions and physical meetings. The Cuviva Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Platform enables healthcare providers to set up Virtual Wards and monitor patients remotely.  Examples of areas of use for RPM where the benefits are most immediate are heart failure, COPD, hypertension, and diabetes.

Cuviva’s engagement with  Ascentic began in 2018, and they have been growing their team over the last 5 years with various profiles, including competency in web development, mobile development, testing, and infrastructure.  The long-term partnership with Ascetic has enabled Cuviva to scale its development capacity in a cost-effective way while maintaining high quality in the work and processes as needed to comply with rules and regulations in the healthcare sector.

The certification demonstrates Cuviva’s increased patient safety and efficiency of healthcare and opens up for further extensive technological development in the future.